Waste Less. Build More.

Increasing labor shortages, rising and more dynamic materials costs, and an ever changing build landscape continue to put pressure on your company and processes. Can your company rise up to meet those demands? With MiTek Integrated Technology solutions, our customers can generate higher outputs and higher returns on capital. 

MiTek is a diversified global supplier of engineered products, software, services, and automated manufacturing equipment that provide a technologically advanced, high-quality, and reliable approach to business workflow - as well as the design, manufacturing and construction of residential structures.

Since 1955, MiTek products have been built on a tradition of building quality in everything we do. We have crafted thousands of code-compliant engineered solutions that reduce wasted time, material, labor, steps and cost and invest R&D toward new products developed every year.

MiTek offers multiple software solutions via SAPPHIRE®, MiTek's enterprise software system, that optimize the business workflow, design, and production of homes. Our SAPPHIRE® 3D Structural Modeling Software expands the capability of every 2D or 3D architectural software platform - creating an optimized, buildable, structural frame in a virtual world, before it's built on the jobsite.

With our thousands of Purpose Driven Employees, we help our customers implement superior processes – with solutions to optimize and control costs, shorten cycle times and eliminate wasted materials – for more profitable, higher-quality business results.

MiTek USA - Waste Less. Build More.


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