Fi-Foil HY-Fi hybrid frame wall insulation, a green factor for wall systems, works with many types of insulation especially spray foam, by enhancing cavity air space to increase performance. This eliminates the need to shave excess foam allowing architects and builders to reduce amount of spray foam when needed and still achieve desired R-values often at a lower cost per HERS point.

HY-Fi low-e surfaces are proven to reduce radiant heat transfer adding R-7 to the wall system. If you have an air space in the building envelope, HY-Fi makes it better.    

HY-Fi together with spray foam is one of the best hybrid solutions on the market. Learn more at

Fi-Foil offers a complete line of solutions for greater energy efficiency in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Innovative, high performance radiant insulation products and systems since 1983. Service. Integrity. Innovation.  

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