The AdvanTech Subfloor Assembly – backed by a Squeak-Free Guarantee – combines the moistures resistance and strength of AdvanTech subflooring panels with the powerful polyurethane bond of AdvanTech subfloor adhesive. When building and remodeling it’s easy to focus on luxurious finishes with clients, but it’s important to communicate the benefits of upgrading unseen materials that can’t be changed down the road.  AdvanTech subflooring panels are backed by a 500-day No Sanding Guarantee against swelling and cupping that can cause uneven finished floors when you use sub-par subflooring that doesn’t stand up like AdvanTech panels to harsh jobsite conditions. It’s a product that’s been trusted by builders for over 20 years and comes backed not only with a Lifetime Limited Guarantee, but when combined with spray-foam AdvanTech subfoor adhesive for the panel-to-joist connection, it’s a combination so strong, it’s backed by a 10-year Squeak-Free Guarantee. For many builders, AdvanTech subflooring products come standard for the level of quality they strive to achieve. Learn more at

AdvanTech Flooring Peace & Quiet Homebuyer Benefits


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