Water Monitoring Installation

The Owens Construction team installs SharkBite and the StreamLabs Control valve

Bill Owens and the Owens Construction team have been using the full range of products offered by the RWC family of brands, starting with SharkBite PEX pipe and EvoPEX Push fittings. Manufactured in the U.S., these fittings require no special tools, and speed up rough-ins—the typical fitting takes 3 seconds to install. They are also approved for underground use and behind-the-wall installation.

One improvement EvoPEX Push introduced is a green indicator that shows up when the joint is correctly aligned. “We’ve used PEX for years, and SharkBite for the past couple, and I’m amazed at this product line," says Owens. "They have a fitting for everything, and they go together so fast.” He adds, “Since the tubing comes in large coils, and is flexible, it installs much faster than rigid pipe does, and there is no solder or flux to contend with.” 

About to be installed is the new StreamLabs Control water monitor valve (another RWC brand), which fuses IoT with water, giving the owners real time information on water flow, and can stop leaks almost as soon as they are detected—a real benefit for the owners of any home, but particularly second homes that may be unoccupied for weeks or months at a time. 

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