Starting the Siding

Putting an overcoat on the house

With the interior wrapping up, Owens Construction's Bill Owens and the crew turned their attention to the outside, racing the winter weather coming to Flagstaff.  First, they went over Huber Engineered Woods' ZIP System R-Sheathing panels with Flex-Flash, covered every penetration with waterproofing, and double-checked adhesion on the tape flashing between panels

Next up was the synthetic stone used for the water table around the building—a good idea in a climate where snow may build up and stay against the house for months on end.  This product uses no adhesives or mortar, but rather is a mechanically clipped system.

For the siding, Owens went with LP SmartSide, an incredibly durable man-made product from LP Building Solutions that is pre-finished and carries a 50-year prorated warranty. At last year’s International Builders' Show, I was attracted to loud impact sounds coming from the direction of LP’s booth. What I found was a pitching machine throwing fast balls at LP products and a competitor's comparable product.  It did not go well for the competitor, but LP shrugged off the fast balls—an impressive demonstration.

Although the panels (similar to their lap siding products) are available in 16-foot lengths, the installation instructions call for a break at any band joists, so Owens included a horizontal trim piece between the first and second floors.  “I like that this is a wood product, and is both easy to work with and lightweight,” says Owens. “It goes up fast and looks great”.

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