Second-Floor Framing: Complete

With the roof nearly completed, the two main additions are ready for windows

With the roof completed and taped over the porch and the eastern two-story addition, we can now really get a good sense of the space and the views. The bedroom features a row of windows looking into the forest on the east, and a row looking toward Humphreys Peak to the north. Those windows have the same head height, but the sills are higher, giving clearance for the flat porch roof right outside.

The south half of the second-story addition is used for a bathroom and closet; the first-floor suite mirrors this design.

At the clients' request, the design provides access to the closet from the bathroom, so there is only one door to close in the morning when the first person up gets ready for the day. Interior framing is coming shortly to get all rooms defined.

Owens Construction owner Bill Owens is anxious to get the home dried in, so that the trades can start inside. Plumber and heating subs are first to be scheduled, but that’s still a couple weeks out as the main level floor must be almost completely redone. With three layers of old flooring to be removed, it's sure to be an experience—keep an eye out for the details in our next blog post.


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