Sealing the Skin

With the window installation continuing at a fast clip, it's time to address sealing the seams 

As more of the windows are installed, it’s time to address sealing all those dozens of areas on a project that need to be weathertight. Fortunately, ZIP System from Huber Engineered Woods offers a Liquid Flash product that combines the durability of silicones with the toughness of urethanes.

Above, Fred Owens, of Owens Construction, is applying a fat bead where a small roof of an “outie” window hits the wall sheathing. He then uses the provided tool to spread it out evenly, resulting in instant waterproofing, even when the surfaces are wet. (And it dries within 4 hours.)

“I like how useful this product is for flashing all those difficult penetrations, like round pipes and ducts," Owens says. "It squirts in to fill all the voids, and I can smooth it into place in an instant." 

Windows were flashed with ZIP System tape on sides and top, allowing the bottom to drain. Window pans were first covered completely with ZIP System tape to be waterproof, as the bottom of a window opening is always its most vulnerable.

The in-progress shot of the east façade shows one of the “outie” windows tucked up under a small connecting roof to help visually break up the height of the façade. It’s what they call, in the Delaware Valley where I grew up, a “pent roof,” and is very common on pre-colonial vernacular houses built by German immigrants.


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