Putting a Lid on It

Time to get the roof buttoned up

The home has been dried in for over a month; a great advantage of using Huber Engineered Woods's ZIP System to sheathe the roof. But Flagstaff typically sees their first snow in October, so getting the finished roof on the home is priority to allow finish work to continue inside the home.

Owens Construction's Bill Owens took on finishing fascia and soffits, while a specialty roofing sub came in to do the standing seam metal roof, which is the type of roof already on the home. Advantages of a metal roof include lightweight and fire-resistant material, as well as a long life (50 years is not unusual).

Owens is using steel coated with Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings, and the manufacturer’s instructions include a light underlayment over the roof sheathing (shown in the photo). “I’m more than happy to turn the roof installation to this crew,” said Owens. “They know what they’re doing, are used to this high-wire work, and take all the safety precautions."

Once the roof is complete, Owens's crew will drop down and tackle the faux stone wainscot and LP SmartSide siding for the walls, while the trades will get going inside.


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