Plans, Finalized

To preserve a legacy tree while still opening up the space, we made a few tweaks to the plans

By early September 2018, the plan had morphed into the more developed scheme (pictured above). One big improvement is that the homeowners decided to expand out the north, opening up all sorts of space for the kitchen (with an island that would slide into the great room), the dining area, and a generous seating area. Sliding doors would provide access to the both the north deck and the covered east deck.

A location was reserved for an elevator in the future; for now, the space is designated for closets on both floors. The main-floor master has an accessible bath and walk-in closet, with a small back door. Mudroom, laundry, and front hall closets lined up on the south. There is still an addition to the west, but very small so as to not impact the legacy tree.

Upstairs, another master bedroom occupies the east, with an open loft space (equipped with its own bathroom) that overlooks the great room below—suitable for kids and grandkids in sleeping bags. A small, triangular balcony over the front entry adds a bit of outdoor experience to the second floor.


West Coast

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