Pier Footings for the Deck

Bigfoot Systems engineered footing system provides a solid base for the 23 deck piers 

The Model ReModel West deck was designed to wrap three sides of the home, and requires 23 piers to carry the beams holding up the new deck. Bill Owens chose the pier footing forms from Bigfoot Systems to provide an engineered system of footing and piers to prevent uplift from frost or wind loads. “This is way better than forming footings first and pouring piers on top of them,” says Owens.

To install, you overdig slightly, and the backhoe attachment on the tractor was a back saver. “Our soil is full of rocks, so using an auger isn’t really feasible,” Owens comments. “Plus, when you use an auger or posthole digger, you can’t be sure of the size or shape of the bell at the bottom of the hole 3 feet down." The workers were able to get the excavation clean and set the bases on a perfectly level surface, ready for the cardboard tube forms to sit on top.

Another side benefit of the Bigfoot form: If you have small-diameter piers, you can use an inverted form as a funnel when pouring concrete. You can bet it'll be a beehive of activity when the concrete truck and pumper show up to fill the forms next week.


West Coast

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