Outside Deck Framing

Supported by more than 20 piers, the deck framing puts the team another step closer to the finish

The weather in Flagstaff is conducive to outdoor living at least half the year, so Model ReModel West's design includes a wrap-around deck on the west, north, and east sides. The east side is under cover, with a 10-foot-high, flat roof punctuated with skylights and downlights. The finished level of the deck is even with the finished floor level of the house to maintain accessibility.

The deck is supported by 23 round piers, supported on 24- and 28-inch forms from Bigfoot Systems. The piers support a series of paired 2x12 beams running north-south. Joists are 2x10s at 16 inches on center, with the finished decking designed to run north to south, and point toward the view. MiTek saddles and fasteners are used throughout to carry the pressure-treated framing. The Owens Construction crew is anxious to finish the deck so they can have a stable work platform on which to stand while cladding the house with finished siding.

The tricky part of the deck is yet to come—building a “boardwalk” around the legacy pine by the front door, which will be carried on steel beams. Stay tuned! 


West Coast

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