Layout Tweaks

Making sure there's enough room for the trades is top of mind at Model ReModel West

Last week was a rush to get the interior, non-structural walls built, to get ready for the trades. It was also a chance for Bill Owens and the Owens Construction team to tweak the layout—moving a wall 5 inches that way, or 2 inches this way. Another change Owens made to the plan was to make certain walls 2x6 instead of the 2x4s drawn. “I always want to give the plumber, in particular, room to work," Owens says. "Hub fittings don’t really fit in a 2x4 bay. It’s one thing on paper; it’s another out in the field." 

By the weekend, the interior was almost completely defined. Some rooms felt a bit smaller than they had appeared on paper, but the bathrooms, by design, are oversized, Owens explains, to allow generous turning circles for wheelchairs, should they be needed by homeowners or guests in the future. “Much better to have the room a foot too big than a foot too small,” he says.

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