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With the east addition up and dried in, time to turn the focus inward

After getting the east addition up and dried in, it was time to turn the attention to the inside framing. Owens Construction carpenters Fred Owens and Cordell Adler had finished about two-thirds of the first floor, starting with the new north addition.

Now it's time to wrap up the floor on the south end, where the laundry, mudroom, and entry will be located. It is the usual routine of checking level on the existing joists, planning down high points and sistering weak or concave joists to get a level base for Huber Engineered Woods' AdvanTech sheathing to come.

Often the work of the day is weather dependent: When it’s dry, they’ve been buttoning up the exterior; when it rains, it’s good to have interior tasks to address. With these two shots—one looking east (above), and one looking west (below) in the south end of the original house and the new east addition—you can see new structural columns going down to new bearing pads poured in the crawlspace. You can also easily differentiate the new ZIP System wall sheathing from the original plywood and black Celotex.

“When we’re done, this will be a brand new house in a 1970s shell," contractor Bill Owens explains. "Although it certainly would have been easier to scrape it and start fresh, it feels good to preserve and rehabilitate so much of the original home, and it’s more sustainable."


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