A Great Coat for Metal Roofing

Sherwin-Williams coil coating system gives the Flagstaff home a great look, with superb protection

With winter fast approaching, Owens Construction's Bill Owens and the crew were delighted that the roofing sub finished the metal standing seam roof. It’s nice to be dried in with building paper, but so much better to be dried in with finished roofing.

In this case, the metal standing seam steel roof is equipped with the Sherwin-Williams metal coil coating system, a heavy-duty multicoat product that provides durability in extreme environments, like this mountainous Flagstaff location. The guest quarters, with its low pitch, may hold a bit of snow, but with this coating, it's unlikely that even a flake will stick to the 16/12 metal roof. 

The triangular entry addition to the west has a flat roof and porch to keep guests safe from any sliding snowdrifts.


West Coast

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