Framing the Entryway

How to capture the visitor when approaching the back of the home

One of the big problems in the old plan at the Model ReModel West home: The front door was on the view side, but no one ever made it around that far to find it, instead coming in via a back door that opened into the small, crowded space that served as both entryway and a laundry/mechanical room.  

To solve this issue, the Owens Construction team added a small, triangular bump to the west side of the home. This put the new front door squarely in the visitor’s view as they approached the house. A back entry will still exist, but it will be moved farther away from the front entry. All four sides of the house feature doors—desirable from both a functional and safety standpoint.

The triangular bump-out is the smallest of the three additions made to this A-frame, but likely the one with the most impact. A flat-roofed overhang will help shelter this entry from unpleasant weather (monsoons and snowstorms included), and the flat roof above the entry itself forms the base of the west balcony upstairs. A “boardwalk” will start at the entry and jog around the heirloom pine to connect with the north deck, for those who want to join the party out there without passing through the house.

West Coast

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