Finally, Framing

Expansion continues on the east and west sides of the house, and the carpenters are happy

With the welded steel frame in place supporting the new extended I-beam ridge, it's time for Owens Construction to make the walls below ready for the new roof extension. Step one was to finish demo of the masonry fireplace on the east wall, right where a 12-foot slider is planned. The roof is shored in place while the old support system is removed.

Then, the old 2x4 walls are reworked to close up old openings and create new ones on both east and west sides of the home. The most dramatic is the east opening for the large slider, which uses two 9½-inch microlams, per the engineer. Bill Owens felt that seemed a bit skimpy, so he added a ¼-inch-thick steel plate between, bolted into a header “sandwich.” 

The last thing he wants is to have deflection in the middle of the span interfering with the operation of those doors. Flagstaff has a high snow load, and local regs call for a 40 pounds per square foot (PSF) roof load (versus 25 PSF in Denver, for example). Snow depths as high as 83 inches have been recorded in the area.

Extending the east and west walls didn’t take much time at all, and Owens made sure to line and brace them to be perfectly plumb before bearing the new I-joist roof rafters on them. He wants to get the roof on the great room and the main walls sheathed before turning his attention to the two-story east bedroom addition. Since the walls are only 2x4 (to match existing), he’s planning on using Huber Engineered Woods' ZIP System R-sheathing with a 1½” foam to achieve R20.

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