Exhaust and Warm the Air

Panasonic ventilators rated for low temps remove humidity and warm up the air at Model ReModel West

In the last post, we talked about how the foam inside and outside the thermal envelope was going to stop air infiltration and provide insulation R-values beyond code. But there is an unintended consequence of building so tight—you are living in a home with no outside air, unless you open a window (not an ideal solution during Flagstaff winters where lows can drop to single digits).

Anticipating this, Owens Construction's Bill Owens teamed up with Panasonic to obtain three of their Energy Recovery ventilators, and chose Model FV-10VECI, rated for climates that can drop to -22°F. The ventilators are in the attic, laundry, and crawlspace. They have an override that senses when humidity levels rise, such as after a long shower. That way, humid air is exhausted and warmed, dry air brought in. The units have a baffle system where the incoming and outgoing air pass by each other and transfer the outgoing air’s heat energy to the incoming air.


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