Drywall Delivered and Done

The drywall's arrival on site marks another milestone toward completion in Flagstaff

It was a milestone day when the heavily loaded drywall truck came up the drive. Drywall usually signals about the 60% completion milestone, but on this project, it’s closer to 75%, thanks to contractor Bill Owens running indoor and outdoor tasks simultaneously.

The flatbed could pull almost up to the front door, and the truck-mounted crane put the sheets right where Owens and the Owens Construction crew could set them on a rolling cart and get them inside. The crane also easily reached the second-floor sliding door over the entry porch, making installation upstairs easier as well.

Because ½” rock was used everywhere, it took two crews of two to hang it all over the course of a week. When the last screw was drilled in, it was time for the county screw inspection before taping and mudding could start.

Fortunately for the drywall finishers, the great-room ceiling is slated for siding from UFP-Edge, so they only needed to fire tape the hardest ceilings! Everywhere else, Bill specified a light skip trowel texture. 

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