Delivering the Doors

LaCantina Doors arrive on site, bringing the home another step closer to protection from the mountainous elements

The crew was excited when they heard the semi-truck coming down the long driveway, because they knew what was coming. And sure enough, it was the LaCantina Doors for the huge openings on the north and east walls, and a smaller slider for the second-floor on the west side of the house. The widest opening is a 12-foot-wide by 8-foot-tall foldback unit opening out to the east porch, where the two center sections pull apart to allow a 6-foot opening onto the porch. On the north, Owens Construction's Bill Owens chose a 10x10 three-panel slider.

It was all hands on deck to offload the truck. Owens, his son Fred, and right-hand man Cordell Adler pitched in. Fortunately, Owens had the Bobcat onsite and outfitted with forks to ease the pallets out. Others had to be carried by the team off the truck and safely onto the driveway or into the barn for safekeeping. They are scheduled to be installed soon, after all the backout framing is complete and the openings prepared with the ZIP System flashing tape from Huber Engineered Woods.

“LaCantina’s products are well-built," says Owens. “The combination of a 10-year warranty with the very slim stiles and rails that provide maximum views was a big selling point for me on this project.” Makes complete sense, with the Flagstaff project's focus on bringing the outdoors in. Some of LaCantina’s products are even rated to Miami Dade County standards and received approval for use in High-Velocity Hurricane Zone and other wind-borne debris areas, so we know they're built strong.


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