Adding to the East

Following the high-stakes sheathing of the great room roof extension, this stage is a welcome relief

After the high-wire act needed for sheathing the 16/12 great room roof extension, it was a relief to frame up the two-story master suite addition on the east, which consists of two almost identical master suites stacked, with a 6/12 roof on top. Simple 2x4 wall framing with the insulated ZIP Wall R-Sheathing outside, no problem. The only difference from conventional framing is that Owens Construction's Bill Owens decided to make the second-floor ceiling joists deep enough to be floor joists, should he want to use the attic for storage.

A great believer in the belt-and-suspenders approach to framing, Owens uses Titebond Construction Adhesive between the microlam headers before nailing them together to ensure they act as one under load. “I’m glad that glues came into homebuilding about the same time I did," Owens says. "I’ve had to fix so many homes from the '60s and before that because of wall-to-wall floor squeaks."

The bathrooms and closets are on the south side of the addition, stacked, both with a 60-inch turning radii allowed. The bedrooms are on the north side. Both have east windows looking into the forest, and north windows looking to the mountain—an inspiring sight, no matter the season. Upstairs, a row of windows overlooking the proposed (flat) porch roof provides the view, while downstairs, a 9-foot slider provides both view and access to the covered porch.


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