Electrical Rough-In

While devices were rough-wired inside, all the drama was outside where a trench for conduit was being cut

I’m sure we’ve all seen our share of roughed-in device boxes, and there is nothing about this particular rough wiring scheme that is out of the ordinary. The real excitement at Boardwalk Builders' Model ReModel East project was outside, where preparations were being made to bury the power line conduit.

Red spray paint marked the ground where conduit for the buried powerline needed to run. To ensure a straight trench at a consistent depth, a Toro TRX walk-behind trencher was put to use connecting the dots between the power pole at the street and the house. The conduit was turned up and fed through the wall into the master bedroom, where the new panel will be located.

Red spray-painted lines mark the path of the conduit, from the pole at the street, across the front of the lot, and down the north side of the house. I’m guessing they’ll work around the Port-o-let, but I’m pretty sure somebody’s going to have to move the job sign and the truck.

A Toro TRX trencher makes quick work of the conduit trench. A machine like this is especially useful where a narrow trench is all that’s needed, but the depth needs to be consistent over its entire length.

The conduit turns upwards at the house, where it will be fed through the wall into the master bedroom where the new panel will be located. The trencher couldn’t be used this close to the sidewall, so the last section of the trench was dug by hand.

I can’t think of any place that’s easier than a sandy beach for digging with one of these rigs, but accessories are available that will handle rocks of a decent size, not so much by cutting through them as by moving them out of the way. A backfill accessory is also available, but for a short trench like this, backfilling was done by hand.

Although trenchers can also be used to backfill the trenches they cut, this one was relatively short and was backfilled by hand.


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