Block Party

After a week-long weather delay, work begins on the new foundation 

Work continues on the last two courses of the north wall while parging begins on the end wall of the addition.

After more than a week of rain, work on the block wall foundation resumed. The south wall of the existing basement had been used to establish the elevation of the footings, so that the first course of the five-course new block wall would be flush with the existing basement wall. The masonry subcontractor ran a string to establish a line that extended the existing basement wall along the new footings. From there, workers began laying block, beginning at the corners of the addition and working in both directions.

A string extends the line of the new block wall directly over the existing basement foundation. Beginning at the corners of the addition, masons laid the new five-course block wall in both directions.

As full wall sections were completed, a couple members of the masonry crew began troweling a two-coat parging mix on the outside surface. 

As walls were completed, some of the masonry crew coated the exterior side with a two-coat parging mix.

The final step was to fill block cores at regular 4-foot intervals and set 14-inch anchor bolts.

Seen from the back of the lot, four courses of the new five-course wall run over top of the existing basement wall. The 14-inch anchor bolts seen lying on top of the wall were eventually set in filled block cores at 4-foot intervals.



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