Located in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Model ReModel East is one of two projects being undertaken simultaneously in 2019, the fifth year for Professional Remodeler’s program of start-to-finish online coverage of remodeling projects.

This year's East Coast project features a 650-square-foot cottage that will receive a full remodel and a one-story addition that will nearly double it in size. Plans include energy-saving options, universal design, and a contemporary light-filled aesthetic.


Boardwalk Builders

Patty McDaniel, founder and president of Boardwalk Builders, grew up in, on, and around construction sites, so it’s no mystery that she ultimately earned a degree from MIT’s School of Architecture and Planning. Patty earned her Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR) designation in 2002 from the National Association of Home Builders, and added the Certified Green Professional (CGP) designation in 2009. She has long been an active author in construction industry trade publications and a speaker at industry trade shows.

Patty's daughter, Kelsey Hamilton, joined Boardwalk Builders in 2017 as a project developer, but like her mom she’s been exposed to the family business all her life. Like most parents, Patty wanted Kelsey to find her own way and, although she stepped lightly around anything that might suggest a career with the company, she’s very happy to have Kelsey on the team. 


Professional Remodeler

Professional Remodeler is more than a magazine, website and social media presence. It’s a vibrant conversation. One voice comes from the editors who tell the stories that remodelers need to make their business stronger and smarter. The other voice comes from the audience, 96,000 professionals in an industry that’s reshaping one of the most profound concepts of human existence: Home. The Model ReModel is part of that discussion with videos, blogs, tips and product information on a unique and wonderful project.


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